The Appleton Ladies Potato Race

By Melanie Tait

Directed by Michelle Ezzy

Auditions; Saturday 2nd October, 9am – 4pm at Melville Theatre

Melville Theatre Company, corner Stock Rd and Canning Hwy, Palmyra

Season: 11 – 26 February 2022

An unpaid community theatre production.

About the play:

The Appleton Ladies’ Potato Race, by Melanie Tait, is a feminist comedy that pits social
justice against community cohesion in a race to be right. Prodigal daughter Penny returns
from the big smoke to set up shop as the local GP. While she was off getting educated and
travelling the world, the good folk of Appleton kept about their business — living hard and
working harder and trying not to stuff things up too much before each year’s great event,
the famous Appleton Potato Race. Penny never much cared about the potato race, but
when she discovers that the men’s prize is five times more than the women’s, she suddenly
does care. A lot. And she’s determined to do something about it.

Audition Information:

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