Finley Awards 2020/2021


Best Play;  Incognito

Third -Placed Play;  William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play (abridged)

Susan Hayward Award for Best Director of a Play;  Brendan Ellis, Incognito

Best Actress in a Play;  Suzannah Churchman, Incognito

Best Actress in a Musical;  Elethea Sartorelli, Next to Normal

The David Crewes Award for Best Set in a Play;  Sarah Christiner, Incognito

 Yvonne Hough Neilson Award;  Thomas Dimmick,  for a series of exceptional and diverse performances at different theatrical companies around Perth.

Top 12 Plays for 2020/2021;  Old Love

 Runner-Up Best Musical;  Next To Normal

Adjudicator’s certificates

  • Ellie Cutbush for an impressive debut season in community theatre, playing in a variety of diverse roles for several different companies.
  • Callum O’Mara and Sarah Harris for their restrained and deftly considered on-stage relationship in Melville Theatre’s Old Love as the younger Bud and Molly.

Dramafest Award Winners 2020/2021

Beryl Sylvester Award – Best New Writing;  Shirley Toohey, The Heist

Best Supporting Actor;  Jason Crane, A Dame Remembers

Mike Bins Award for Best Director (Dramafest);  Suzannah Churchman, Taking Sides

The Peter Kemeny Encouragement Award;  Jack Churchman and Bella Freeman, Taking Sides

 Top Six Productions

  • A Dames Remembers
  • Taking Sides

 Adjudicator’s Certificates

  • Carmen Dohle for her impressive directorial debut in Melville Theatre Company’s staging of the American classic Fourteen.
  • Marsha Holt, Julie Holmshaw, Kate Nosworthy and Ellie Cutbush for their adorable and amusing ensemble work as elderly bridge players in Melville Theatre Company’s The Heist

Melville has won the Robert Finley award seven times.

2021 – Incognito, by Nick Payne, directed by Brendan Ellis                                                                      2018 – Mr Bailey’s Minder, by Debra Oswald, directed by Vanessa Jensen
2018 – Urinetown, by Mark Hollmann and Greg Kotis, directed by Craig Griffen (Best Musical)
2014 – Twelve Angry Men, by Reginald Rose, directed by Vanessa Jensen
2013 – Rabbit Hole, by David Lindsay-Abaire, directed by Vanessa Jensen
2010 – The Return, by Reg Cribb, directed by Jeff Hansen
1984 – The Sound of Music – directed by Margaret Hart

Those of you who’ve been around the theatre a while will remember the late Edna Ford, selling raffle tickets before the show and thumping away on the piano at interval.

Click the soundcloud link to hear Edna’s story, as well as some of her piano playing.

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