Auditions for Season One, 2019 at Melville Theatre.


Written by Tim Winton

Directed by Kayti Murphy

A deeply moving and at times confronting play from Western Australia’s most acclaimed writer.

“A year after the death of their son Jack in an early-morning car crash, Adam and Mary Mansfield are still struggling with what happened. Adam has sold his winery, and his trips to the beach house have become more frequent – anything to avoid Mary’s silent suffering. One day he encounters a young woman he used to employ as a cellarhand. June knows her way around a vineyard, and she also knows a lot about Jack. It’s a story she needs to share with Adam, the story of his son’s final hours.
Set above the rocky headlands of the south coast of Western Australia, between forest and sea, Tim Winton’s third play untangles a domestic heartbreak that has morphed into mythology, in a landscape inhabited by ghosts.” -Penguin Books

Shrine explores the depths of grief and how those who have left us can reveal themselves through those who loved them.

With deep and complex characters, this play provides an opportunity for actors to stretch themselves and explore the themes of love, loss and the light and dark sides of the human spirit.


The successful auditionees are:

Adam: Phil Barnett
June: Jessica Brooke
Mary: Suzannah Churchman
Jack: Chris Colley
Will: Alec Fuderer
Ben: Jacob Lane