Stop Kiss

by Diana Son

Directed by Vanessa Jensen
September 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23 at 8pm, Sept 17 at 2pm.

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Callie, a seasoned New Yorker who works as a traffic reporter, and Sara, a school teacher fresh to New York from St Louis meet through Sara’s cat. As their acquaintance becomes a friendship and their friendship develops into a mutual attraction, the story moves towards what becomes the pivotal moment in both their lives – a kiss on a park bench followed by a violent hate crime.

Diana Son describes her play Stop Kiss…
“It is a political play in the sense that politics is a way of looking at events that happen to people. I would never personally say ‘This is a play about homophobia. This is a play about gay bashing. This is a play about the civil rights of gays and lesbians in America.’ I would describe the play as a love story.”

And that is what appealed to me as a director. It is a bittersweet love story. And it is a play about how the choices we make directly or indirectly make us the author of our own story. Choosing to kiss someone, choosing to leave someone for something new, choosing to intervene, choosing to ignore the obvious, and conversely, not being able to make a choice at all, or having choices taken away from you all affect our final stories. It is beautifully written; at times funny, at times moving, but always honest.

–  Vanessa Jensen, Director

The play runs about 90 minutes with no interval and contains adult themes and some coarse language.


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Seasons may be subject to change.