Melville Theatre’s first production for 2021 will be three short plays written by local playwrights.

Due to the implemented lockdown and continuing restrictions we are unable to present Season One with the dates originally proposed. The new dates are as follows;

February 18, 19, 20th (matinee) and 20th (evening)

Little Angels

By Yvette Wall

Directed by Siobhán O’Gara

It is 1966.  Set in a hostel for unmarried pregnant girls. Themes centre around loss, loneliness, the piety and values of the times and the hope expressed in the spirit of rebellion.

A Dame Remembers  

Written and Directed by Bob Charteris 

Dame Cecilia Coleridge is an ageing actress who has found roles hard to come by for some time. So, by coercion and a little blackmail, she hatches a plot to throw her into the spotlight again. 

The Heist

By Shirley Toohey

Directed by Michelle Sharp

Set in Muriel’s apartment in The Bronx NYC, these four ladies have their Bridge game interrupted in the most unexpected way!